Why You Should Not Give Your eBook Away For Free

By Justin Charnell

So you're thinking of giving away a copy of your book. Unless you're brand new or seasoned, I would advise against it. Or do what you want. So should you give your eBook away? There are just a few things to think about before you drop the price of your next bestseller.

But... you're giving away an eBook right there on the side of your website! That's a culmination of a bunch of blog posts, put in one convenient spot. Onwards!

People who get a free copy won't convert to buyers. There are two distinct markets when it comes to anything really: the buyers and the freebie hunters. I know if I go onto Amazon and I'm searching for a book about dogs, and I click on the top free category, I'm not leaving the free category. It's already in my mind to not pay for something like that. Even if it's an absolute hobby of mine, I already have a wealth of knowledge resources I can snag for free.

For instance, there are hundreds of new adult fiction books published every day on Amazon. Hundreds of those books are put into KDP Select and are set to a 5-day free promotion every day. If I'm an avid reader of literary porn, and I know I can get new quality erotic stories for free every day, why would I pay for it?

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What eReader Should You Get?

By Darci S Gert

Roxio's New Release!

I am the person who always has a book within my reach at all times. It started with a physical book in my purse at all times. But as I got older I realized one book is not enough. I needed an eReader so I could carry all my books with me all the time. There are only two devices I personally would even consider buying, the Amazon Paperwhite and Barnes & Noble's Nook GlowLight.

Both devices share some of the same basic features and some features are unique to each device. They both have a six inch (diagonal) screens and are touchscreens. Both use eInk screens, making it look like a page from a book, allowing you to read in direct sunlight. Each device lasts on average one month on a single charge. Because you can adjust the size and type of font the text appears as, it is easier to read and less strain on your eyes. You are able to bookmark certain pages, as well as highlight passages, and make notes. This feature comes in handy for book clubs. They are also lighter than a typical book. If you find a word that you are unfamiliar with and want to know what it means then you can look it up. If you have more than one device or app then you can pick up where you left off on another devices. And the main reason I would only consider these devices is because they have the ability to light up using front lights allowing you to read for longer periods of time.

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Extraordinary eBooks!

By Eunice Chege

MAGIX Music Maker

Over the last few years, the traditional way of acquiring and reading books has been overtaken by eBooks. Book lovers can now easily acquire eBooks while at the comfort of their homes, this is a fact that eBooks are now more economical to buy than the traditional hard covered books.

Most readers want to know the benefits of reading digitally rather than using physical books. They are also interested in knowing the difference between reading an eBook and having to read from physical books that are at times old and lack anything attractive from their physical appearance.

Some of the main reasons for buying eBooks compared to traditional books include;

A Clickable Table of Content

A reader doesn't have to sequentially move from page to page in order to read the material that one is highly interested in. This is boring, time-wasting and not even the brightest kid in the room will want to do this. With a Clickable table of contents, one is able to extract the specific material of interest with little or no fuss.

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